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Beer Belongs
We’re not so sure if the animals and children should be enjoying beer (and it looks like that guy is pouring his on the floor) but we like this ad’s style.
(via: buzzfeed)

This is awesome


Beer Belongs

We’re not so sure if the animals and children should be enjoying beer (and it looks like that guy is pouring his on the floor) but we like this ad’s style.

(via: buzzfeed)

This is awesome

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Beacon Hill

I’ve finally made the move downtown! It only took 7 or so weeks…

Here’s the bottom of my hill. It’s a bit of a walk, but probably good for me.

My new front door!

Street View

Me View

It’s nice to be home.

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Peep Sushi
(via SeriousEats)

Easter looks delicious!


Peep Sushi

(via SeriousEats)

Easter looks delicious!

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Boston Week 1

The first week of work was pretty great. The job is fun, I like the people I work with, and it’s challenging. The only issue right now is the drive. It takes about a hour and a half to drive to work, and another hour and a half to drive home…

But there are some nice views on the way into town

This weekend I took a little stroll through town. This is the view when you cross the Charles river from Cambridge into Boston.

The gold dome is the state capitol, and below it is Beacon Hill, all very historical and cool stuff. Hopefully I’ll have a place to live near here soon.

Oh, my car hit 100,000 miles too!

I’ve never seen so many cool numbers before!


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Road to Boston: Day 5

Day 5 started outside Cleveland OH. After finding the local Starbucks to get yet another mug we headed out on our final day on the road. It turns out that all of New York is a toll road which is just awesome. It’s about $18 to get all the way across the state. Sales tax is roughly 8%. Bullshit.

After a few hours on the road we found out that Niagara Falls was pretty close by so we decided to stop in. It added about an hour to the trip, but it was pretty cool to see the falls. Everything around it is closed in the winter, and you can’t do much but just look at the falls.

The rest of the trip was pretty standard and boring until we got closer to Boston. After taking a ‘scenic’ route we finally arrived at Uncle Jack’s. The guest house is pretty awesome, and I’m happy to not drive non-stop with my mom in the car.

Things I’ve learned on the road that my Mother doesn’t like:

  • Driving Fast
  • Driving in the Rain
  • Driving in the Snow
  • Driving through mountain roads
  • Driving at night
  • Any combination of the above
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Road to Boston: Day 3 & 4

Day 3 started out pretty relaxed. We had some typical Hampton’s breakfast, then went to find a Starbucks so Mom could grab some Fargo mugs. The drive from Fargo to Minneapolis was pretty easy, about 4 hours. This will be our easiest day.

I decided I should check out the snow, since I need to get used to it now…

We arrived in Burnsville around 3pm (we started late) to meet the fam. As this is the midwest everyone within 200 miles came out for dinner on a Wednesday night. I got to meet a new cousin and we had a nice Chili dinner!

After a nice days rest we headed out at our usual 6am (7am) leaving time for day 4. This would be the most arduous day yet. I strangely miss the empty roads of Montana and North Dakota. Now the roads have reasonable speed limits and lots more traffic.

We got a little turned around in Chicago, but I’m a human GPS so I got us out alright. We also found out about the I90 toll system. Starting in Illinois we have to pay tolls. Everywhere. It’s ridiculous and I hate it.Tollway…

I do like all the weird pit stops though, it’s nice to have convient places to stop every 30 miles that let you get right back onto the freeway.

Tomorrow is Boston!

I can’t wait!

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Road to Boston: Day 2

Boring Boring Boring.

East Montana become bland as we came out of the mountains, then as entered North Dakota the snow and fog set in to make everything gray.

Highlights of the Day:

  • 6AM Wake up
  • 12 hours of driving
  • Mom almost hit a bald eagle with my car
  • Mom telling me to turn up the wipers because she couldn’t see well
  • Mom telling me to slow down
  • Fargo…

I hope to never drive the I94 again. Tomorrow is Minnesota and much less driving. It’s time for a mid-cross-country-road-trip-break.

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Road to Boston: Day 1

Last night I packed all my belongings into the back of my Civic and headed over to Mom’s house for my last night in Oregon. Today we got up at 6am and headed out. Yes we, my Mother opted to pay for all my hotels on the way out to Boston, so she’s in on the trip too. We’ve got 5 awesome days of Interstate Highways and Mother-Son bonding.

Our first stop today was in Spokane for lunch at The Onion. LP recommended this place as she has previously lived above them back in her Washington days. I had the onion burger on an onion bun with more onions. It was delicious.

After a short drive through Idaho we we’re finally in Montana. According to Google Maps, Butte Montana looks pretty big, and like it would have some sweet places to eat. It did not. I chose John’s The Original Pork Chop Sandwich Shop. I had the Pork Chop Sandwich. I don’t think I’ll ever be in Butte Montana again.

We then drove another hour to Bozemen, Montana where we found a much more civilized community. Not only do they have an Outback Steakhouse, they’ve also got an Old Chicago Pizza, Perkins, and Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Q! So dinner was a fail, but at least we found a nice place to sleep, the Hampton has free Hot breakfast, starting at 6am!

Tomorrow we take on I94 and Fargo, ND…

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